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What is the album about?

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The album consist of 10 songs, including the most popular ones from the "Old Spanish Songs", the famous musical cycle of a legendary Andalusian poet Federico Garcia Lorca and 4 Sephardic (Spanish-Jewish) romances. Classical music, Gypsy expressiveness and Jewish graceful melodies are blended to transmit the unearthly beauty of this treasures of world music and the intensily tragical poetical sense that this nations always keep in the heart. 

Who created the album? 



Of Russian origin with Romani (Gypsy) and Spanish roots, Carina is a singer and author, performing her own works in a vast array of genres, from Flamenco to Latin, Jazz to World Music.

    The singer wins the hearts of the audience with her authentic voice, powerful energy and genuine sincerity.

   Carina was born in Moscow in the family of big jazz and blues fans and started singing on the tip from her dad who sings and plays the guitar.

   At the age of 15 she entered the famous State University of Dramatic Art (GITIS) and started recording a rock album, performed in different projects till the moment she met the art of flamenco and decided to devote herself to flamenco due to her great passion to art of genius Camaron de Isla.

   When she found herself in Granada and after that in Triana, the district of Sevilla, - the craddle of cante hondo - she started adopting this difficult art from traditional singers and old men who generously opened their secrets for her.

​  Carina touring in Europe and CIS countries with concerts, including in such prestigious halls as the House of Music, Crocus City Hall, Estrada Theater and others. She was invited as a special guest to international events, where she performed for the officials of Russia and Spain, participated in a variety of music festivals.

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